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To Love A Prince - Review

To Love A Prince | Nana Malone The Royal Elite Prince Duet - Book 2

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ ・・・ Add to your GoodReads ☞ TBR

・・・ Buy Links: Amazon 🇺🇸 | Amazon 🇬🇧 | Amazon 🇨🇦 | Amazon 🇦🇺 | B&N | Kobo | Apple Books | Google Play ・・・ BLURB The good news is, I’m out of exile and I have the woman I love by my side. And I still have my crown, tarnished though it may be. The bad news is…all of that is temporary. There are those that want me as far away from the crown as possible. I still have a killer on my tail who has a more permanent solution in mind. Oh and there’s the small matter of all the secrets I’m keeping from Ariel. For her I risked it all, but will she wind up paying the price? Once she knows my secrets. What will she do to protect me and the crown? What will I be willing to do to protect her? The answer is: everything. ・・・


⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ We continue with Ariel trying to find who is trying to murder Tristan her true love while Tristan is keeping it a secret, not realizing the skilled Ariel already has been one step ahead and close to capturing the suspect.

Book 2 is full with lots of twist and turns, suspenseful moments and the chemistry between Ariel and Tristan is off the charts!

My only downside I would have loved to have seen an epilogue of Tristan & Ariel's future, especially since they've lost so many years without each other and once they finally get together it's kinda short and sweet. I understand how Nana is continuing the Winston Isle saga and I'm sure the future books will be as good! ・・・ #newreleases #newromance #RomanceReaders#bookblogger #taboo #BookBoost #goodreads#booklovers #read #bookstagram #bookclub #romance#bookrecommendation #bookworm #igblogger#bookblogger #ebook #amazon #bibliophile #igblogger#bookstagramit #taboo #romanticsuspense

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