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I am a simple soul with a unique love for the complicated storylines that bury me for hours and days in the pages of the books that I love and read.

My passion and devotion are in being a part of the literary world and sharing my joy for books and the written word. 

I admire and respect the passion and energy that the authors I follow express in their beautiful creations.  I especially love to grow and be part of an author's journey whether it's through a storyline, a character development, or a writer's experience but also with helping them by designing the perfect cover and making their vision come true.

On my blog, I love sharing my views, perspectives, and opinions with the book-loving community. My hope is to help book lovers appreciate, and enjoy the books I read to the fullest and provide them with a different or similar outlook on the titles I encounter.

In the end, I am lucky to be part of such an embracing and welcoming group.


- Devoted Pages


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