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The Edge of Reason - Review


Standalone book three in The Edge Series by J. Saman, is now LIVE!

Grab your copy of this funny, sexy, and emotional friends-to-lovers romance today! Read FREE in Kindle Unlimited

I have a certain set of rules I try to live by. Rules that have always served me well.

Until now…

Rule one: Don’t have sex with someone you work with. Rule two: Don’t have sex with your friend’s ex-boyfriend. Rule three: Don’t have sex with your best friend who also happens to be the same ex-boyfriend of your friend. Rule four: Don’t ever, under any circumstances, fall in love with your best friend.

I guess it’s safe to say, I officially broke all four of my rules.

Doctor Andrew Albright. Sexy, arrogant, insanely gorgeous, and eternally off-limits. Not only is he still in love with my friend, his ex, but he’s my rock. My perfect best friend. The one person I cannot lose under any circumstances. Especially when my life has a habit of falling apart on a regular basis.

But one mercy kiss later, to save me from an awkward situation, and suddenly everything changes. He flirts relentlessly. Corners me in dark hallways. Throws me panty-melting stares that render me helpless. I crossed the uncrossable line. Broke every damn rule. Now our perfect friendship is falling apart.

And he’s doing everything he can to keep it that way…

Start reading The Edge Series now: The Edge of Temptation The Edge of Forever ・・・

REVIEW ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️🌟

"I wouldn't be me without you."

I love this series! It's great how you can read them as stand-alones and the characters are all intertwine.

Margot & Drew... Where do I begin.. I had a hard time with Margot and to be honest I have a very hard time with female characters who have serious self doubt, severe self esteem issues. That being said I fell in love with Drew. He was absolutely amazing and so super patient with Margot. Jeez!

Once Drew knew his love for Margot was beyond friendship, he was not letting go. He has done for her more than he has done for any other, even his ex-girlfriend who he thought he was so in love with.. So he thought...

Margot has lots of obstacles she needs to surpass in order to realize Drew is real and is not faking his love for her. She's not his rebound. Between dealing with her previous break-up and the new feelings she has for Drew... She's just on the edge!

I have to say everything I felt throughout the book just falls out of Drew's lips and leaves you in awe!

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