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The Edge of Forever - J. Saman

The Edge of Forever | J. Saman

THE EDGE OF FOREVER is a fun, sexy and emotional second chance, brother's best friend, STANDALONE contemporary new adult romance!

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**ARC REVIEW** Wes & Aria Two people who fall in love at a young age with so many goals in each others lives it's kinda impossible to see the possibilities of a relationship.. Aria gives Wes her all, even knowing he will be going away to College not having time for a relationship. She still holds out hope thinking just maybe something might change.

"I am nothing. I am the empty man who ruins everything he touches. I'd only break her heart. Destroy her dreams. There is no perfect for us now. Only the hope of forever on the distant horizon."

Years pass they move on with their lives, even having that dull ache in the center of their hearts. Knowing something is just not right in their lives and there's a huge missing link.

You learn Aria & Wes's young story and at the same time you move into present time.

A Slow Burn Second Chance Romance that leaves you wanting more of Aria & Wes.

"Because distance and regrets are a thing of our past. And this is the start of our forever."

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