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Tempting the Heiress - Nana Malone

Tempting the Heiress | Nana Malone

Series: Royal Elite Heiress Duet #2 Release Date: April 9, 2019

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One error in judgment. That is all it took.

They say don't mix business with pleasure, but I fell in love with the client and now I’ve lost her.

But I would do it all over again if it meant keeping her safe.

Now I’ll have to fight like hell to earn her trust again. If I don’t, it could cost both of us everything.




This is such an exciting series. Full of suspense, thrills and so much more...

Book 2 continues with Jax securing the safety of baby Mayzie and Neela.

Neela feels betrayed after finding the true reason why Ariel and her team are actually around and Jax is really not a Manny! After all this Neela gets an even bigger surprise about her so called best friend and Mayzie's mom. Neela doesn't know who to trust anymore and must find the necessary answers to keep her and Mayzie safe.

Jax is trying his best to stay focus and keep his priorities in check. More difficult then ever after realizing he's indeed in love with Neela and needs try everything and anything to keep her and Mayzie safe and convince Neela, She and Mazyie are his true and only priority.

Ariel on the other hand is working hard to forget about her past and stay focus on the task at hand. Keeping her team focus on Mayzie safety and finding the people trying to kill her and Neela. Until a phone call changes everything...

・・・ Disclaimer: I don’t own the rights nor the photos used. All rights reserved to their rightful owners. Teaser By: @devoted_pages

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