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Sin of Love - Illusions Duet #2

Sin of Love | Illusions Duet - Book 2 by: L.M. Halloran


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**ARC REVIEW** What a journey this has been with Diedre & Gideon!!! It was absolutely breathtaking and suspenseful.

Diedre has to re-live the horror of her past to keep her brother Nate and her love Gideon safe. She has a plan, she's been preparing for and hopefully it will keep her alive.

Gideon is lost. He thought finding his mom after committing suicide was painful. Not until he fully lost his true love Diedre and he fears shes dead. He has become useless and has lost all sense of wanting to feel or be alive.

Two people who have found love in the most unconventional way. The love is true and it's so real for them.

You struggle to keep your shit together between the horror Diedre is going through and the pain/lost Giedon is fighting through.

I really didn't want this story to end. L.M. Halloran always leaves me mesmerized and intrigued with her characters.

I'm looking forward to an extension to this story!!!

I hope you are left as in awe as I was with this Duet!!!

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