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SAVIOR - Fiona Cole

SAVIOR | Fiona Cole Add to your Goodreads TBR ⬅︎ Cover Design: Najla Qambar ・・・ Buy Links: Amazon 🇺🇸 | Amazon 🇬🇧 | Amazon 🇨🇦 | Amazon 🇦🇺 | Amazon Universal


**ARC REVIEW** Alexandra finds herself needing a desperate change to her life. She's tired of struggling everyday and not knowing if she will have enough to eat or even bus fair to be able to work. She's practically an orphan, having both of her parents deceased and being in the care of her sister who has an addiction issue. Desperate times calls for desperate measures.. She only has one thing that is absolutely vital to her and at one point priceless, until now. She decides to sell her Virginity..

Erik is trying his best to overcome a guilt that has been weighting on him for some time now. His solution, becoming a Savior. A Savior for women in desperate need of help. In the process he rescues Alexandra and his world turns upside down. He gives her an offer to good to refuse.

In between the chaos of what's going on in her life, she's trying her best to make it so much better for herself but the turmoil is just boiling between her and Erik.

Lots of drama, Alpha asshole at it's best! Sometimes you want to strangle Erik 😏.


・・・ Disclaimer: I don’t own the rights nor the photos used. All rights reserved to their rightful owners.

Teaser by: Devoted Pages


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