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Return of the Prince - The Prince Duet #1

The Royal Elite Prince Duet | Nana Malone Book 1: Return of The Prince Release Date: April 30th!!! Add to your Goodreads ☞ TBR




I’ve been a prince in exile, but I’m finally going home, tarnished crown and all. This time, I won’t let anyone keep me away…

Not Ariel, the woman I left behind. Not the killer on my tail. Hell, not even my cousin—the king—can stop me.

Unlike my conniving brother, I have no designs on the throne. Let better men rule.

But I do have a score to settle. 

Everything was going just fine until Ariel is assigned to my protection detail. Little Miss Hates My Ass will ruin everything.

One look at her and I know it’s not over between us. All I have to do is convince her I never forgot her…and not get dead in the process.



⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ We finally discover what happened between Ariel and Prince Tristan!!

Ariel finds herself having to secure the safety of Tristan ordered by the King. Tristan life is in danger and The King needs his best Knight to secure the safety of his cousin.

After not seeing him for 10yrs, being abandon by her one true love. She's now seeing him constantly and the closeness is doing something to her. She needs to get back on track and start focusing on the task ahead, but there's something in the back of her head that's telling her ... Tristan is holding secrets and she will find the truth.

Will Ariel be able as the King's Knight to keep her oath and secure Tristan's safety or will she let her emotions get the best of her and fail at her mission?

This book is full of suspenseful moments and the sexual tension between Ariel and Tristan is off the charts. The secrets will keep you intrigued and wanting Book 2 Now!


Disclaimer: I don’t own the rights nor the photos used. All rights reserved to their rightful owners. Teaser By: @devoted_pages


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