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Only The Beginning | Review

Only The Beginning | Elle Thorpe Second Chance, Enemies to Lovers. Celebrity Scandal!!

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ ・・・ Add to your Goodreads ☞ TBR ・・・ FREE ON KINDLE UNLIMITED

Amazon ・・・ Blurb: I’m the darling of Australian TV. A good-girl actress with a spotless record. Or at least, that’s what I let the public believe. But what I do behind closed doors would shock them all. I’m a far cry from the girl next door I play on their screens each night.

Riley Clarke knows that better than anyone.

I loved him once, but for the past ten years, all we’ve done is f**k and fight. Some might say we’re friends with benefits, but the truth is, we aren’t even friends. All we are is explosive chemistry and screw-you-senseless sex. He makes me hot. He makes me feel. He makes me reckless.

When scandal rocks my carefully constructed world and my secrets are exposed, it’s Riley’s arms that close around me, protecting me from the storm.

But storms create floods, and a flood can drown you. You and the people you love.




A friendship full of turmoil and intense sexual chemistry!

You discover Riley & Bianca in the previous books, not realizing what exactly is going on. Why is it, that they just can't get it together! Why are they so hostile towards each other but at the same time have the best sex ever! Each and every time!

Well now your questions will be answered!

Riley has been living the past 10 yrs just in the past. Still in love with the women who broke his heart all those years ago. For some reason he just can't let go. Even after trying to date others. He has just decided to devote his time raising his teenage daughter .

Bianca is living her dream as a hot actress in Australia, she's on top of her career but something is just missing. Deep inside, she still longs for Riley even after letting him go all those years ago. She had her reasons and he will one day understand.

Riley & Bianca find themselves with a second chance at trying at a real relationship. Until things just turn to the worst.

Will Bianca run again and break Riley's heart once and for all? OR will she finally give into her love for him and embrace their relationship with all their obstacles....



Disclaimer: I don’t own the rights nor the photos used. All rights reserved to their rightful owners. Teaser By: @devoted_pages

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