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New Release | Excerpt!

A Perfect Lie | Lisa Renee Jones Secrets. Lies. A man. There's always a man. And there's always a truth to be told. Even if that truth leads to murder. ・・・ Grab Your Copy Today: Amazon 🇺🇸 | Amazon 🇬🇧 | Amazon 🇨🇦 | Audible | iBooks | Nook ・・・ MINI-EXCERPT: His hands settle on my shoulders, and the touch is not sexual at all. It’s grounding. It brings me down a notch, which is clearly his intent, but he doesn’t hold back. “I can’t prove that he did it, but the minute I headed that direction with my investigation, I was shut out.” “And yet you covered for me, or so you say.” “I made an effort to prevent you from becoming a fall guy,” he confirms. “If your he did this, he needs to own this, not you.” Not me. “You know I don’t remember that night,” I point out, needing to know everything. Needing to know where this is headed. “I know you called him and confronted him about her.” “How? How do you know that?” His lips set hard. “I know.” “And yet those photos are supposed to mean something to me.” “We both know those photos are trouble for him,” he counters. I’m back to the confirmation that I called him. I stoked the fires. I made her a problem for him. “Just to be clear,” I say, “you don’t believe the homeless man did it.” It’s not a question. “No,” he says. “I do not.” No, he does not. “Which brings me back to you,” he says, and with those words, my throat starts to close off. This is where everything lands. He’s stripped me naked to play with my head. He’s baited me, reeled me in and I invited him here to do it. I’m a fool and this is where it all ends. ・・・ #newreleases #newromance #RomanceReaders #bookblogger #taboo #BookBoost #goodreads #booklovers #read #bookstagram #bookclub #romance #bookrecommendation #bookworm #igblogger #bookblogger #ebook #amazon #bibliophile #igblogger #bookstagramit #darkromance #romanticsuspense

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