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Going Deep - Nikki Ash

Going Deep | Nikki Ash *2nd book in the Imperfect Love series but can be read as a complete stand-alone.*

Genre: Enemies to Lovers Romance ・・・ Add to your Goodredas TBR ・・・ Grab Your Copy Today:

**ARC REVIEW** Love this Series!! Wow Giselle's story was so unexpected!! It was a total 360 for me. I thought I had a good glimpse of her in Book 1, I was totally wrong. In a good shocking way!!

Giselle is struggling... She's having major issues with her mom's health situation, Younger Sister attending college and Father MIA... She's having to take on the burden of her family and at the same time keep a veil on so no one in her inner circles know exactly what's going on. Especially her BFF. Juggling all the home expenses and her personal expenses lead her to unexpected territories she must sacrifice for.

Oh my dear Killian!!! Talk about being such a jerk at times! It's like a defense mechanism with him! Jeez he can be brutal. He's going through his own secrets and keeping his inner circle at bay. He has gotten small glimpses of Giselle's situation but has no idea the real truth!

After several unexpected meet ups, Killian and Giselle begin to start something that either one of them expected will end well. The problem with Secrets, they always come to light!

"I'm serious. Committed. There's no stopping what I feel for you. I'm running down the field to catch the ball. I just need you to throw it."

Giselle and Killian will not disappoint!

・・・ Disclaimer: I don’t own the rights or the photos used. All rights reserved to their rightful owners.

Teaser by: Devoted Pages

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