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Baby Yours - Review

Baby Yours (Hunter & Lennon, #2)

Roommate Duet Series | Kennedy Fox



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The worst day of my life happened when Brandon died.

We had our entire future mapped out.

Careers, marriage, kids—in that order.

Then the universe threw a curveball and ended it all.

As I come to terms with everything, I learn I’m carrying his baby. Now I’m living with his roommate, the guy who’s made my life a living hell the past two years. Hunter’s now the one to hold me up when all I want to do is fall.

Knowing my religious parents will never accept the pregnancy out of wedlock, Hunter offers to be my fake husband. While I think he’s gone crazy, it’s the only plan that’ll keep them in my life. So I do whatever it takes to make our relationship believable—kissing, touching, even letting him hold me when we sleep. The lines are so blurred neither of us want to admit we’re no longer pretending.

The guilt of what we’re doing eats me alive as I struggle to deal with my emotions. I push him away, but he pulls me closer, showing me how he’s always felt.

Just as I begin to follow my heart, I learn Hunter’s been keeping secrets.

And I’m left to make the hardest decision of my life…



⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ We continue with Lennon & Hunter and their odd relationship. Hunter continues on his path to help Lennon during her pregnancy and have faith that she will come and realize he is honestly there for her and her unborn child and just hopefully she will start having feelings for him, the same strong feelings he has for her. Lennon is so confused. She has so much going on with a new baby coming and having to break the news to her strict parents, who she fears will disown her if they new the truth about her situation and how Hunter is not actually the father of her child. She's starting to have feelings towards Hunter that make her feel guilty and she must keep them suppressed and not make him aware under any circumstances. Hunter has something come to light in his life which has Lennon on high alert, how can Hunter be there for her and the baby and not for someone who insist she's carrying his baby.

I must admit I wanted more of Lennon and Hunter, to see more of their future together after all the struggles they been through. I understand the dynamic that Kennedy Fox has started with this series and how it continues with the other characters.. Hopefully we will see a little more of Hunter and Lennon in the future duets. ・・・


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