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Updated: Mar 11, 2019

Talk about breaking someone's barriers!!!

I'm going to be honest here! This book has ruined me... I can't stop thinking about Drew and Dominic!! I just want more....

The beginning was tough to see Drew so vulnerable with asshole Nick! To see her lose herself all because of love and what she thought was love and it was just all manipulation and mind games. After she met Dominic. Wow! It was night and day and it scared the shit of her... She needed to find herself and become whole again, become the strong independent person she was - before starting something anew with Dominic.

Each chapter just get's better and better! It's never what you suspect or expect! I can't even continue without adding spoilers. All I have to say, this story amazed me how there was just this amazing chaos.

These two just complete each other!!

Grab Your Copy Today:

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