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Only Ever Yours - Excerpt Reveal

Only Ever Yours: an age gap, insta-attraction romance is coming January 13th and while we wait, I have a sneak peak for you.

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I open the door and find her standing there with a big smile on her face. “Good morning.” Her voice is chipper, too chipper, but since she extends her hand with a venti cup of coffee from Starbucks, I ignore it, taking the caffeinated beverage from her. I haven’t had Starbucks in God knows how long. That shit is for the rich… and I’m far from it.

I inhale the sweet aroma and then take a slow sip, savoring the taste of peppermint mocha hitting my senses. It doesn’t matter that it’s May, peppermint mocha can be drunk all year because it’s that good.

Once I’ve taken another couple sips, I glance at Yasmin. “Why did you buy me this?”

There’s only one reason someone as poor as us buys someone a seven-dollar cup of coffee: to kiss one’s ass before asking for a favor.

“Can’t I just buy my favorite friend a delicious cup of coffee?” She plops onto my gray microfiber couch—one of the few things I was allowed to take with me when I was forced to leave my home. “Oh, I got you this too.” She hands me a brown bag.

When I open it up, I gasp. “Banana loaf?” That single piece of bread is like four dollars! “What the hell do you want?” I sit in my reading chair and break a piece of the bread off, popping it into my mouth. Mmm… so delicious and moist. The sweet taste of the banana and cinnamon…

Yasmin shakes her head. “You’re right, I do have a favor to ask.”

“I knew it.” I side-eye her playfully. “Let me enjoy my coffee and bread first at least.”

She giggles, her green eyes lighting up with mirth. “You’re such a coffee addict.”

“Not coffee, Starbucks. If you had brought me Dunkin’, I would’ve kicked your ass out.”

“True,” she says with a laugh before sobering. “I saw Gordan come by.”

So much for enjoying my food and beverage. “Yeah, I’m a little behind on rent… But I’m going to find a second job.”

“I think I have a temporary… and possibly permanent solution to your problem.”

“Is this your segue into your favor?”

“Kind of…” She bites down on her bottom lip nervously. “But it will also help you… kind of a win-win.”

“Just spit it out.” I take another sip of my drink, sighing at the minty flavor hitting my senses. It reminds me of Christmas, my favorite holiday. There’s nothing she could ask me to do that would ruin what I’m feeling right now.

“I need you to go on a date for me.”

Except for that.

Read the rest of the chapter here:

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