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Updated: Mar 11, 2019

For me this was an incredible read! It's a whirlwind of families and romances. Of vengeance and revenge!

The book is in 2 parts and the 1st part with Catrina sometimes I just wanted to strangle her! I also had to remember her age! On the other hand you had Heath who is madly in love with Catrina and it felt at times it wasn't reciprocated at it's fullest. It's such a shame for Heath to become this cruel and vengeful person when he just wanted love from his one and only!

2nd part of the book is absolutely amazing and beautiful can't describe it without having spoilers.

A modern day classic at it's best.

Grab Your Copy Today: AMAZON

Disclaimer: I don’t own the rights nor the photos used. All rights reserved to their rightful owners.


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