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Excerpt Reveal - My Kind of Beautiful

My Kind of Beautiful is coming in ONE WEEK and we’re so excited to share a little sneak peak of this friends to lovers romance with you!

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I’ve just finished putting everything away and am in the middle of prepping the burger patties when the tone goes off throughout the station. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been working as a firefighter, when the ridiculously loud ringing hits your ears, you cringe. Then you jump into action. Because all of our bunker gear is kept on the truck, all we have to do is jump on once Chase comes out with the information from the dispatcher to let us know where the fire is.

“Westwood Village condos,” Chase calls out, looking straight at me. “Alec’s address,” he adds with a smirk. The guys all groan. Dammit, Lexi. Even though the fire probably isn’t anything to be too concerned about, we still treat it how we would treat any fire that’s called in.

We arrive at my complex in less than two minutes and head up to the second floor. The door is already open and you can smell the smoke leaking from inside. The smoke alarm is blaring throughout the house, and is Lex in the kitchen trying to put the fire out? Nope, her ass is standing on a chair with a broomstick in her hand, jabbing at the smoke alarm to shut it off. Chase and a couple of the other guys head into the kitchen to make sure the oven fire is under control while I go straight for Lexi.

Grabbing her by her waist, I pull her off the chair. She shrieks in shock, until she sees it’s me, then her eyes go wide. I lower her to the ground before I reach up and press the button to silence the alarm. When the room goes quiet, Lexi sighs, and I can see it in her face that she’s trying not to laugh.

“Lex,” I groan, about to lay into her, but then her deep blue eyes meet mine and I shake my head. It’s damn near impossible to be mad at her. “This is the third time this month. Maybe you could…I don’t know…practice cooking at your parents’ place.” At least then it would fall on another station.

“I wasn’t cooking.” She shakes her head emphatically, and several strands of her blond hair fall from her loose ponytail. I give her a pointed look and she grins wildly, reminding me of a rose: beautiful to look at from afar, but filled with thorns, making her impossible to touch. And if you do attempt it—thinking you can somehow get around them, so you can experience her beauty up close—there’s no doubt she’ll prick you, leaving you bleeding and in pain.

Want to keep reading? Check out chapter one here ➜

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