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Autumn Archer


Dark Romance ・・・ Buy Links: Amazon UK | US | CA | AU ・・・ Blurb: Some would say I’m broken, but when you’ve seen what I’ve seen, there’s no going back. Women are the enemy. I’ve become immune to the sound of their breaking hearts. Yet her unsettling fiery eyes threaten to penetrate my Vow of Revenge. She could be my biggest opponent yet. I hate how the tone of her voice teases me with a sexy rasp, trying to draw me in. I hate that I want to play the game, just so I can touch her all over again. But most of all, I hate that I was foolish to think I was in control… It was her, always her. Fate brought us together and hate will keep us apart… Forever? ・・・



Kaleb has a vendetta against women. What he thinks he has witnessed years ago in his life has turned into an obsession of breaking Women’s hearts and leaving them groveling for him.

Freya has had heartache in her life. She’s concentrating on her new job and living the city life with her best friend and sister Freya. Until one night out partying they both capture the hearts of two men that will start their journey into a life of turmoil.

Kaleb has finally met his match, someone that is affecting him in ways no women has before.

Bringing back memories that have been locked away for so long. Frustrated and confused, Kaleb needs to stick with his Vow against women but Freya isn’t making it easy for him.

Kaleb has been kissed by the Light and Cursed by the Darkness!

Will Freya be able to break his Vow of Revenge?

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