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🖤 No Strings Excerpt Reveal 🖤

What you need to know about No Strings:

🖤 Serious single dad

🖤 Sassy Southern heroine

🖤 Laugh out loud banter

🖤 Sizzling chemistry

🖤 ALL the feels

🖤 Complete standalone

Release Date: October 21st!

You can preorder on Amazon for a special price->

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And while you’re waiting for it to release, you can check out this excerpt…

I’m about ten minutes into my run when the door opens, and a woman I’ve never seen before walks in. Instinctually, my eyes roam over her, taking her in. Caramel hair with various shades of blond highlights are pulled up into a loose ponytail. Tanned, toned legs are barely covered with yellow cotton shorts—if you can even call them that. I’d bet all my money, if she turned around, I’d see a hint of her ass cheeks peeking out. I chuckle at the shoes on her feet. Instead of wearing tennis shoes, she’s sporting light pink fluffy boots. Her face is free of makeup, and her tits look real—perky but not in the so-perky-they-hit-her-chin sort of way.

It’s not often I see a naturally beautiful woman free of plastic surgery and makeup. Especially living in the places where I’ve lived. You want a fake woman? They’re a dime a dozen. I’ve learned the hard way women are good for one thing, to sink into and find release with. It doesn’t matter if their tits are real or fake. As long as they can handle their own in the bedroom and understand what the term no strings means, we’re good to go.

Realizing I’m still staring at her, I drag my eyes back to the television, but when she comes over and steps onto the treadmill next to me, I can’t help but check out her backside. I was right. Her ass is firm, just like the rest of her body, and her shorts are so tiny, the bottom swells of her cheeks are popping out. She has this thickness to her that I can imagine grabbing ahold of in bed. This woman is either new to this building or has changed her workout time because I damn sure would’ve remembered seeing her here before. Then again, I haven’t been around much for the past several years, so it’s possible we just haven’t crossed paths.

To read the entire first chapter,


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